Cold Work Tool Steel


Cold work tool steels are employed for the manufacture of tools for applications involving surface temperatures below 200°C.

In this temperature range, the steel must feature the following properties in order to guarantee tool resistance to the high stresses arising from the numerous machining and shaping procedures:

  • Superior hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Good toughness
  • Excellent compressive and impact strength
  • High dimensional stability in heat treatment
  • Sufficient machinability

Due to the characteristic properties such as a high degree of hardness, strength, resistance to pressure and wear resistance, Bohler cold work tool steels are used as cutting and punching tools, die plates (matrixes) and knives, stamping and drawing tools, hobs, thread rollers, adjustable screw dies, coining dies and much more.

A well balanced alloy content ensures the optimum properties are achieved for individual applications.
These materials have a high economic efficiency and long lasting tool life, which are the criteria for choosing any material.

Bohler ---- ISODUR
ESR quality.

Bohler ---- MICROCLEAN
Powder metallurgy steel.

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