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Bohler Ybbstal Profil GmbH (BYP) ( has over 5000 different special profiles and counts amongst the world's most experienced producers of profiles.  In co-operation with the technical melting facilities of Bohler-Uddeholm AG, BYP (via BUK) can offer "made-to-measure profiles".

With our hotwork forming technique, we are able to achieve a superior quality product, which has many cost advantages compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as machining, casting, forging or welding.

We are able to produce and finish special profiles in a hot rolled or cold drawn condition, to the smallest tolerances, as well as achieve special surface requirements.  Using profile sketches, drawings or sample pieces, we are able to achieve a final close outline, resulting in technical and/or economic advantages for our customers.

BYP also specialises in the manufacture of flat, square, round, hexagonal and octagonal bar to the closest tolerances and in small batches.

We are able to offer from unalloyed constructional steels to the highest alloyed tool steels, including powder metallurgy and vacuum and re-cast materials, all of which can be used in tooling, machine and rail construction industries, as well as in aircraft, marine, offshore and automotive industries.

  • Quality constructional steels
  • Low and high alloy constructional steels
  • Tool steels
  • High speed steels
  • Corrosion resistant steels
  • Heat resistant steels
  • High creep resistant and creep resistant steels
  • Ni-based alloys
  • Ti and Ti-alloys
  • Co-based alloys


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