Logistics / KASTO


Our Logistics/Service Centre operation encompasses all warehouse, transport, Quality, Health & Safety and Environment activities.

Whether you collect your order or we deliver it to you, our aim is to get your steel to you efficiently, professionally and quickly, with corresponding paperwork and full product traceability.

We strive to provide the best possible service to you and constantly monitor our operations and procedures, in order to continually improve our performance.


Our previous racking system took up 5,500 sqm can could hold up to 2600 tonnes, and required 15 forklift trucks in constant use in our warehouse.

Since the completion of our new Kasto system, the tallest in the UK and one of the largest systems in Europe, now takes up a mere 950 sqm, can hold c5000 tonnes, and has helped us reduce the number of necessary forklift trucks to a mere 8.  Combining this with our cutting and machining facilities in house (minimal need to sub-contract out).  As a result we have a faster turnaround and better quality control. 

"The effective modernisation of our logistics operation is one key element in transforming us from an established tool steel supplier into a solutions provider spanning many segments, the other key factor is our people and the way we work together".

- Tom Gowans, Managing Director


This has impacted our material flow around our warehouse, dropping our average picking time of 6mins, therefore orders received before 12pm can be picked and dispatched the same day. There are no less than 17 sawing and cutting centers onsite, so material can be cut to customers specifications - this service has grown as customers manage their own stocks and waste.  As you would expect, everything is inspected in one of the 4 outlet sections. There is also a testing service onsite, used when customers require additional certification to that supplied by the Mill. 

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