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For modern industrial production, in particular mass production, machining is one of the most important shaping and forming processes. Almost all tools employed for this purpose are made from high speed steels. In recent times, the use of high speed steels has gained increasing importance for chipless shaping, e.g. for extrusion, blanking and punching tools.   With regard to chemical composition, a clear distinction is made between 'Tungsten', 'Molybdenum' and 'Tungsten-Molybdenum' alloyed high speed steel grades which, depending on the dominant stresses they will be exposed to, contain differing amounts of Carbon, Vanadium and Cobalt. The characteristic properties of all high speed steel grades include:
  • High working hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent toughness
  • Compressive strength
  • High retention of hardness and red hardness
  • Strength to prevent breakage on the cutting edge

    The influence of alloying elements on steel properties:

    Forms carbides, increases wear resistance, responsible for the basic matrix hardness.

    Tungsten & Molybdenum
    Improve red hardness, retention of hardness and high temperature strength, form special carbides of great hardness.

    Forms special carbides of supreme hardness, increases high temperature wear resistance, retention of hardness and high temperature strength.

    Promotes depth of hardening, produces readily soluble carbides.

    Improves red hardness and retention of hardness.

    Since it is possible to achieve specific properties by careful adjustment of these alloying elements, we are able to offer the most suitable high speed steel grade for virtually all kinds of application. Bohler ---- ISORAPID ESR quality. High speed steel produced using the highest quality of melting metallurgy available. Bohler ---- MICROCLEAN Powder metallurgy steel with the most advanced features of performance (e.g. tools for high speed metal cutting).

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