BÖHLER BLECHE GMBH, a pioneer in the production of cross-rolled sheets and plates, offers its customers a product of supreme uniformity in terms of mechanical and physical properties. As a result, our tool steels, high speed steels, specialities and press plates meet the most stringent demands. A powder metallurgy facility is also at our disposal for the production of high performance grades with outstanding properties.


  • High speed steel
  • Cold work tool steel
  • Hot work tool steel
  • Plastic mould steel
  • Special materials
  • Special constructional steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Creep resisting and high temperature steels
  • Heat resisting steels
  • Valve steels
  • Steels with special physical properties
  • Steels for particular applications
  • Non-ferrous metal alloys (e.g. nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys)
  • Aircraft material

Surface finish:-

  • Hot rolled, not descaled
  • Hot rolled, descaled (shotblasted / pickled)
  • Cold rolled
  • Premilled
  • Ground
  • Polished
  • Matt finish

Edge finish:-

  • Shear cut
  • Cold sawn
  • Laser cut
  • Plasma cut
  • Machined

 Hot or cold rolled sheet and plate
 Discs -laser cut, plasma cut, machined
 Blanks laser cut, machined, shear cut, cold sawn, premilled
 Press plates for the production of technical or decorative laminates

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