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Since the completion of our new Kasto system, the tallest in the UK
and one of
the largest systems in Europe, now takes up a mere 950 sqm,
can hold c5000 tonnes, and has helped us reduce the number of necessary
forklift trucks to a mere 8.  Combining this with our cutting and machining
facilities in house... >continue reading



Our UK Divisions


BÖHLER Specialty Metals - Oil & Gas / CPI

The BÖHLER Specialty Metals division is
synonymous with the highest quality products,
industry leading technical support and a large portfolio of Corrosion Resistant Alloy products in
Bar, Billet, Sheet, Plate and Forgings.


BÖHLER Tool Steel & High Speed Steel

The BÖHLER Tool Steel & High Speed Steel division focuses on high-performance steels specifically designed to improve the service life of tools,
enabling our clients to increase productivity, reduce
cost and maximise their production processes.


BÖHLER UK Aerospace Division


The BÖHLER Aerospace division is recognised as a leading producer of special materials for the aerospace industry, together with a worldwide reputation in turbine blading bar.

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